Q2S Manufacturing ERP for complex and mass customized products

Q2S is the flexible manufacturing ERP system with an advanced and dynamic bill of materials configurator that enables you to readily configure, price, quote, make and ship products with many possible variations. This can include rapid turnaround (and remakes) of mass customized items or a smaller number of complex products with many variations including one-off components.

The common denominator? The need to increase efficiency and reduce errors while managing a rich set of options and variations for individual products or assemblies while escaping the cumbersome limitations of SKU-based BOMs.

Refined and improved over two decades, Q2S provides everything you need to productively move complex products from estimation to shipping. Its visual manufacturing displays make it easy for operators to see what is being made and what they need to do.

To advance your transition to flexible manufacturing, Q2S is backed by a full range of pre-implementation, implementation and ongoing support resources. We see our role as a partner in your success.

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Building Materials

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Industrial Machinery

Unreliable job costing leaving you confused?

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Excelling in manufacturing

Q2S excels in manufacturing applications because it was designed and developed from the factory floor up by manufacturing engineers who understand production, not from the front office down.

With Q2S you get flexible and powerful capabilities for your manufacturing business. At the core of Q2S’ complete and integrated manufacturing ERP system is the ability to dynamically generate bills of material at order entry from an unlimited set of rules-based options.