Dynamic Product BOM Configurator

Frustrated with the time needed to create and manage an SKU for every product variation? Is configuration and the knowledge needed to do it bottlenecked in one employee? Do frequent configuration omissions and errors cost you money and time? Ever configure, price and sell something your equipment can’t make? The Q2S Dynamic Product BOM Configurator fixes these and other mass customization and complex product bill of material problems.

  • All your configuration knowledge is captured into one rules-based system, so salespeople and even customers can create their own estimates. Parameters can be overridden but not forgotten. As long as the rules match your production capability, you’ll never configure an unmakeable item.
  • A single BOM can handle many product variations, drastically reducing item numbers and the response time for quote
    requests and order processing. This includes sub-assembly BOMs.
  • Per-job purchasing is automated. The system will automatically suggest what as-needed materials to purchase and
    from whom. It will also review stock products to ensure the user it will not run out.
  • The Dynamic BOM is integrated with Q2S CORE including materials management, production workflow, and more.
  • There’s no need for a separate SKU for each manufactured size. This is answered directly in the quote/order entry screen(s).
  • BOM maintenance is simplified. If an engineering change affects all products only one BOM needs to be updated when
    it is combined into one BOM.

How the Q2S Dynamic Product BOM Works

With Q2S Dynamic BOM, you configure items by creating a question and answer set. Answer the questions and the system generates a dynamic BOM. All potential parts for production are included in the BOM, while for any item only required parts are included.

This makes maintenance easier and allows customer service to enter their own orders. For example, a woodworking shop may offer the same product in four different wood grains. Instead of having four parts that are identical except wood grain, Q2S has a question for wood grain and four answers.

Setting up initial question and answer sets for your production capabilities naturally requires effort. But once in place, the Q2S Dynamic BOM Configurator captures your expertise so that many people, not just one or a few, can quickly configure and quote—including customers.

Q2S Dynamic BOM Configurator Features

  • Question and answer-based system easy for a CSR to quickly understand and place orders to customer requirements.
  • Contains all possible parts required to produce all combinations.
  • Shows final product image either from the image library or dynamically draws one based on dimensions and options. This can be used on documentation, in production, and more.
  • Flexible: can accommodate sub-assemblies as well as flat BOM’s.
  • Maintains history of previous BOM’s for later reference and warranty needs.
  • Can hide questions based on previous question answers.
  • Can mark specific questions as required.
  • Can mark multi-select answers.