Guided Visual Manufacturing—Onboard Skilled Workers Smoothly, Build Products Right the First Time

Find it difficult to train and retain skilled manufacturing workers? You’re not alone.

Guided Visual Manufacturing (GVM) from Q2S can help. GVM replaces paper and text-only production instructions with visual guidance:  unlimited images, documents and videos for each job step.

These on-screen instructions are easy for today’s workers to learn and use. Operators have a visual representation for each step in the manufacturing process and the ability to see if they are on target for job completion.

When operators can see what they’re making with supporting information products are built right, service calls decrease, job margins increase, and customers are happy. People like knowing they’re doing the right step the right way. And they feel better about working for you.

GVM Gives you More Benefits Too

Miss deadlines or pay overtime to meet delivery dates? Still getting production errors because you’re still using difficult-to-keep-updated paper instructions on the shop floor? Unable to monitor job progress?

Manufacturing custom products is tedious, time-consuming, and requires a skilled workforce.  You can’t afford to upset your staff by implementing more work if there are no gains, especially when monitoring their work more closely.

With GVM, you simply create sequenced work instructions by assembly and add supporting images, videos, CAD drawings, and more. You can then set up a monitor for the operator to see, follow, and log effort against.

Once live, you have the tools to ensure on-time delivery, reduce errors, and collect data to identify bottlenecks in the process and miscalculations in projected effort. Which gives you accurate job margins.

See the full list of features below.

End Spreadsheet Suffering

Imagine you have a large number of jobs to track with only one or two resources to complete some of the steps. Spreadsheets like Microsoft™ Excel are poorly suited to this and other manufacturing control and monitoring tasks. You’re risking a loss if you are simply using spreadsheets to track job progress.

Mitigate the risk with Q2S’s new Guided Visual Manufacturing. Built by engineers with over two decades of manufacturing experience, GVM is the newest product in the Q2S ERP product suite. Available standalone or integrated into an existing ERP or Q2S ERP, this tool can help you gain control today and as you grow.


Among the features included in GVM you’ll find

  • Operators
    • See an unlimited number of images / attachments per manufacturing step with visual work instructions.
    • Access job-specific attachments.
    • Assign time within the screen, instead of using spreadsheets or paper instructions.
    • See expected time to complete tasks, allowing employees to understand expectations.
    • Log unexpected downtime to justify backlogs or issues.
    • Utilize barcode scanning option.
  • Management
    • Monitor KPI across all jobs.
    • Prevent overtime to complete “rush jobs” or that dreaded call to a customer to let them know a job is back-ordered.
    • Set up instructions for teams to use repeatedly. Assign standard time to set a standard for each task.
    • View job success and audits through Q2S reporting to increase margins for the next job.

In addition to work instructions, manufacturing teams can implement quality data collection tracking. Schedule production, manage capacity at work centers, and morewith our Production Workflow tools.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Q2S ERP can help. Contact to schedule to schedule a discussion to see if we are a fit.