Q2S helps you manage the complexity of customized production

If every machine you make is different in some way, you know the issues customization can create. From pricing to inventory control to handling advance payments to tracking labor costs to providing updated and accurate shop floor instructions to identifying replacement parts and more, managing pricing and production of complex products can get complicated.

If you’re attempting to do all this in Excel or any single-level bill of materials generator, you can easily get the sense that there has to be a way to do this that takes less time, is more flexible, reduces errors and makes your business’ product configuration knowledge available to many people rather than exclusively in the heads of one or two.

And there is. Q2S ERP features a dynamic, multi-level and rules-based BOM built for complex and mass customized product manufacturing.

With it, you can free engineering from the order entry process, monitor production, measure actual costs, allow your customers to enter their own orders and much, more, more.

Customers entering their own orders? Why not?

It depends on your business, but customers entering their own orders may be achievable. This depends on how knowledgeable your customers are and how custom the machines may be. With the help of our Configure Price Quote tools, the process is simplified.

Convert the knowledge from engineering into a set of rules—complicated or simple—with our Dynamic BOM.

Keeping track …

Do you have too much raw material tying up warehouse space? Do you have stock inventory and purchased-as-needed inventory, but cannot tell the difference between the two and keep track of it all? Let Q2S ERP’s Materials Management tools help. Q2S differentiates stock inventory from purchased-as-needed inventory. When used in conjunction with our Dynamic BOM, you can account for all required parts. Stock inventory is allocated and purchased-as-needed materials can automatically generate one or hundreds of purchase orders tied to a single job. This level of integration creates visibility of what’s received and more importantly, what has not been received on a job-by-job basis or across all active jobs.

… to keep on track

Do you need a way to document processes? Let Q2S ERP’s Production Workflow tools help you with sequencing work, releasing different assemblies independently, and tracking progress to ensure on-time delivery. You can go paperless or barcode everything. You can alert production if a step has been missed and warn downstream of potential issues with an item, offer supporting documentation on difficult steps, and track progress and labor costs.

If any of these features describes your business needs, Q2S ERP can help. We offer a flexible solution to support the evolving needs of complex manufacturing firms—from sales to shipment and everything in-between. Contact info@q2serp.com to schedule a discussion to see if we are a fit.