Fix your work instructions to improve quality and growth

It’s easy to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if you know how. Describing the steps so someone else can make it to your standards? Much harder. Which is how the peanut butter and jelly ended up outside the bread when my junior high school teacher followed my otherwise perfectly written instructions. The class got a laugh. I got a lesson. Now picture your factory floor, where your products are likely more complex than a sandwich. Are your work instructions correct and current? If they are up to date, do they actually get used—or are your binders gathering dust in a corner? In… read more

5 signs your systems are holding back your business

They say all publicity is good publicity. The same is not true of systems for operating a manufacturing business. What worked when your company was small can be costing you in obvious and less obvious ways now that you have more orders and people; your products are more complicated and lead times and margins have shrunk. How can you tell when your business has outgrown whatever traditional small business accounting or home-grown spreadsheet system you’ve been using? When is it time to rein in the chaos and replace it with informed control? If there is a formula, it would be when error, inefficiency… read more

Train and retain skilled workers and eliminate manufacturing errors with Q2S Guided Visual Manufacturing

As you know (and sources everywhere are reporting) skilled manufacturing workers are getting more expensive to find and retain. That’s why it’s in your best interest to make it easy to train and keep your existing workforce. And if you do hire new employees, you also want to spend less time and fewer resources onboarding those new skilled workers while reducing production errors and quality issues and filling— not turning down—orders. Q2S’ new Guided Visual Manufacturing (GVM) product from FeneTech can help. GVM replaces paper and text-only production instructions with visual guidance that includes unlimited images, documents, and videos for each… read more