One-of-a-kind customer and user experience

"Without this system, we wouldn't be able to be as diverse as we are."
DeAnna Negron & Jason Thomas, Intigral, Inc.

Intigral’s unique recipe for success can’t be found in any of the manufacturing annals of American industry.

Most manufacturing facilities have a recipe for success that’s the result of careful planning, trial and error, conventional wisdom, and just a little bit of luck.  Not so with northeast Ohio-based Intigral, Inc.  From the east coast to across the Midwest, Intigral is a supplier of IGU, monolithic, and blinds-between-the-glass products for window and door manufacturers. 

Intigral’s recipe for success can’t be found in any of the manufacturing annals of American industry; instead, this extraordinary company has created—from scratch—their own brand of successful production by literally adopting the role of their customers, maintaining complete responsibility and ownership of their product until the item hits its customer’s production line. Intigral owns their products from their manufacturing lines all the way until their customer puts them in their window or door.

That is how unique Intigral is.

The company began in 1987 as Edge Seal Technologies, but after 20 years in business and a distinctive model for supply chain management, they decided their name didn’t quite match the way they did business.  Thus ‘Intigral’ was born.  Their tagline—Innovating Integrating Insulating Glass—speaks to their creative approach to manufacturing.  To do business the way they knew would be most beneficial to their customers, they had to have a software provider who would understand their singular approach to providing quality products to the customers they served.

They didn’t have to look far.

Intigral and FeneTech:  A mutually beneficial partnership

Just a few miles down the road from Intigral’s Walton Hills headquarters is FeneTech, creators of the world’s leading software solution for the fenestration industry.  In 1996, Intigral—a company very familiar with the concept of partnering with their own customers—made the move to team up with the burgeoning force in ERP manufacturing systems and looked to FeneTech and their family of software products as a means by which they could continue their innovative approach to manufacturing.

The relationship between Intigral and FeneTech is unprecedented among the leaders in the industry—it’s not simply geography the two companies have in common.  Both Intigral and FeneTech are resolute in their belief that building strong partnerships with customers yields the greatest outcomes.  They’ve used this belief to strengthen Intigral’s already successful operation.

Intigral’s philosophy toward their clientele is simple:  For each individual customer, the company tailors their operation to fit the specific needs of that customer.  And since no two customers are the same, Intigral relies upon the flexibility and customization that the software offers to provide each of their customers a specific, one-of-a-kind experience.


Flexible and customized

Executive Vice President DeAnna Negron maintains that the adaptability of FeneTech’s software is the key to realizing Intigral’s goals. “This software is critical to our success in the expansion of our IG and blinds-between-the-glass.  Without FeneTech’s software, we wouldn’t be able to be as diverse as we are.”

She adds, “The fact that we’ve been able to use this system to configure the bill of materials to support our Innovia® and ScreenLine® products has set us in motion to becoming the world’s premier manufacturer of blinds-between-the-glass window blinds.”

The energy shared between these two companies has undoubtedly provided residual benefits throughout the industry. For over two decades, Intigral and FeneTech have developed a relationship that transcends the traditional bond between manufacturer and vendor.  Each company understands the other’s needs, and with the freedom that FeneTech’s software affords, Intigral will continue their customer-driven direction into the next decade.