Q2S Make-to-Order Manufacturing Enterprise Software

Make-to-order manufacturing requires tight integration of all functional areas for any company to operate efficiently. Whether you’re an enterprise, job shop, or anything in-between, there are commonalities within production processes, yet a uniqueness exists that makes each business one-of-a-kind. We have developed an ERP solution focused on these commonalities with the flexibility to handle each company’s individual needs—Q2S Make-to-Order Manufacturing Enterprise Software.

It starts with the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool. Take thousands of SKU’s and convert them to a few common products with questions and answers to simplify the ordering process. Price against these answers. Offer a graphical representation of your product at the selection steps or the overall product. Once configured, offer customers the ability to enter their own orders or monitor progress of their jobs.

From CPQ, configure a Dynamic BOM. Imagine a shared BOM among many SKU’s. If a nut or bolt changed, you only update it in one location. The power of the Dynamic BOM is reduced maintenance and automatic visibility of job requirements.

Because of the Dynamic BOM, Materials Management is simplified. Automate re-order of stock materials and differentiate materials as needed. Order the as-needed materials before a job starts with just a click of a button. No more entering each vendor part for each PO and tying the PO’s to the job manually. Simplify cycle counts to only count stock inventory. Maintain part costs to retain accurate costing information per project, job, order, line item, or part.

Imagine no work orders. With Q2S Production Workflow, in-office users can monitor capacities by work cell or machine, level-load production, integrate / automate machinery, and more. The production floor can scan a barcode for a visual representation of their product, notes, and alerts for quality. Scans can complete capacity and allow any user to view any job status at any given time. Track down that rush unit before the customer comes to get it and allow all CSR’s the ability to see where a job is at that instant.

Whether you build your own trucks, or you ship via UPS regularly, use our Shipping Management tool to organize and document what has shipped and when. Customers who implement this tool can invoice quickly for all product shipped the previous day and only the product that shipped.

To learn more about Q2S ERP and how it can deliver manufacturing solutions for your specific production needs, get in touch with one of our sales contacts.  They’ll be happy to answer your questions about how Q2S ERP designs make-to-order manufacturing solutions that fit your production.

If any of these features describe your business needs, Q2S ERP can help. We offer a flexible solution to support the evolving needs of complex manufacturing firms—from sales to shipment and everything in between. Contact info@q2serp.com to schedule a discussion to see if we are a fit.