ERP-Integrated Material Optimization

Whether you work with two dimensional or lineal materials or both, Q2S ERP integrates optimization with your cutting operations so you can increase yields.

Q2S Lineal Optimizer enables you to balance labor and material costs, group common parts, evaluate the splitting of parts to maximize yields, and provide an easier set-up of your Dynamic BOM.  If your material arrives in sticks or any lineal form, Q2S provides an optimized cut list per schedule or batch. Imagine being able to gather all the raw materials required for the schedule at once.

Additionally, Q2S Lineal Optimizer shows exactly what the system is expecting to use for the day. If variances occur, as they inevitably do, production will notify the office so inventory can be updated to be accurate immediately.

For two dimensional materials, Q2S OPTI helps you get the most from fixed sheets and continuous rolls of material.

Happy with your existing application? Q2S ERP can export data to or be integrated with your current optimization program.