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Growth at customized machinery manufacturer Integrated Automation Systems was turning entering orders into a time-consuming challenge.

“It would not have been unusual for us to take four to five or even six weeks just to get ready to order the items needed to make a system,” said general manager Jim Collins. “That’s a really long time just to get started.” (more…)

"This is the only software we haven't had to
replace as we have grown."
Rick Wuest, Thompson Creek Window Company

“You can consider me a window geek. I grew up in the business—at one point we lived on the second floor of the plant. I’ve done just about every job in the company. I still have a scar on my hand from trying to carry too much glass.

We’ve grown 600 percent in the last decade. Almost as soon as we’ve expanded our facilities, it seems we’ve had to begin to plan for more. Yet as fast as we grow, I only have to look at that scar to remind myself to focus on what really matters. For Thompson Creek, that is delivering the best possible customer experience for every customer every day.

Our motto is trust your home to Thompson Creek. We want people to be house proud, which is why we directly sell, install and back every one of the more than 60,000 replacement windows we make each year.” (more…)

"FeneTech brings us a huge benefit that cannot be underestimated."
Jana & Patrick Goodrich, Seaway Manufacturing

Smaller window and door makers have fewer resources to invest in improvements, overcome downturns or counter aggressive competition. This makes Seaway Manufacturing, a modest-sized window, door and sunroom company based in equally modest Erie, Pennsylvania, notable.

Seaway LogoFounded in 1959, Seaway specializes in premium vinyl replacement windows, patio doors and sunrooms, which it sells through specialty home improvement dealers in more than 20 states, primarily in the  Northeast. While its first products were aluminum storm doors and windows, today the company offers four vinyl window, two patio door and two sunroom lines. (more…)

"We operate with a high level of commitment because
this is our livlihood."
Karen & Tim Kelley, Tristar Glass Products

“We started Tristar Glass Products from scratch in 2005. In 2015, we’ll open our third fabrication facility and reach 200 employees.”

We’re an architectural and decorative glass fabricator certified by PPG and Guardian. Most of our business comes through commercial glazing companies. Caring for customers is a big part of what we preach from the top down. We take pride in it.

Service and loyalty sets us apart. We have a higher level of commitment to the extra things. We rush orders, we do favors. We get the right products to our customers on a timely basis and try to never say no.” (more…)

"FeneTech's solutions are configurable and flexible enough to
support many products lines."
L.W. Deal, Virginia Glass Products

“History has shown that we meet our stated commitments, and we know FeneTech’s products will help us support this promise going forward”

Nestled among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies Virginia Glass and Virginia Mirror, whose origins began 103 years ago as Virginia Mirror Company, supplying mirrors to the rapidly growing Virginia furniture business. The resounding success of Virginia Mirror and its expansion into a state-of-the-art silvering line led to the development of Virginia Glass Products in 1956, a subsidiary of Virginia Mirror Company. (more…)

"Without this system, we wouldn't be able to be as diverse as we are."
DeAnna Negron & Jason Thomas, Intigral, Inc.

Intigral’s unique recipe for success can’t be found in any of the manufacturing annals of American industry.

Most manufacturing facilities have a recipe for success that’s the result of careful planning, trial and error, conventional wisdom, and just a little bit of luck.  Not so with northeast Ohio-based Intigral, Inc.  From the east coast to across the Midwest, Intigral is a supplier of IGU, monolithic, and blinds-between-the-glass products for window and door manufacturers. 

"We shouldn't have to conform our business to fit the software,
and this system allows us that flexibility."
Joyce & Mike Cully, United Plate Glass

“We shouldn’t have to conform our business to fit the software, and FeneTech’s software allows us that flexibility.”

Businesses today are faced with all kinds of challenges.  Simply surviving the competitive landscape that exists is tough enough, but actually thriving in it requires something extra. By focusing on the right combination of people and technology, United Plate Glass has done just that—and then some.
Located just northeast of Pittsburgh in Butler, Pennsylvania, United Plate Glass (UPG) is a family-owned and-operated company whose extraordinary growth throughout the past two decades has necessitated not only the addition of two new buildings, but the creation of a second facility in Lincolnton, North Carolina.  From their start as an auto glass and boxed glass distributor, they moved into glass fabrication, and are at present a successful, full-fledged, state-of-the-art glass manufacturing facility. (more…)