MES Production Workflow

Can you track the shop’s production efficiency and inefficiencies by process and employee? Are you able to preview production to spread out the workload or plan for peaks? Does production have real-time information about the jobs being completed and expectations day to day to empower them to do their best?

Quality management results from implementing the full scope of Q2S’ products and features. Manage production, create procedures, and hold employees accountable for their production efforts within one system. MES Production Workflow, which integrated into Q2S ERP and available as a dedicated MES solution, can be implemented to whatever level of detail or simplicity is needed to ensure orders are completed accurately and on time.

Because ultimately, that’s your goal, right?


Capacity Planning and Production Scheduling

  • Plan and organize using Q2S’s visual and shift-based feature that adds scheduled machine maintenance to decrease planned capacity. Enter unscheduled maintenance to explain any decrease in throughput. Create product lead times and schedule releases based on planned start date instead of requires date—this way, all products are finished at the same time.
  • While entering orders, warn CSR’s that capacity has been met before accepting additional orders.
  • Decrease both finished goods inventory and raw material inventory.

Production and Labor Tracking

  • Trace and update production status by barcode scanning at workstations using any of six different modes—ordered part, part assembly, sub-assembly, routing, inline and containerize.
  • Decrease returns by adding quality controls for frequently mishandled processes. Create a rules-based sequenced workflow for products and add visual prompts to alert workers on specialized options. The alert only shows if the option is included in the specific build.
  • Communicate with office staff regarding the need to materials or for clarity on production items.
  • Visual display of what item is being produced.
  • Display important options and configure—per station—which options take priority.
  • Track throughput per station and user and identify bottlenecks or areas that create the most rejects. This will refine your business process.
  • Instantly see where a job is in its production stage to make intelligent decisions about changes that customers have requested.
  • Take advantage of unparalleled reporting capabilities.

Visual Work Instructions

  • Create visual work instructions for operators.
  • Assign multiple images to any step.
  • Allow assemblies to be completed out of sequence.
  • Track progress with barcode scanning.
  • Assign labor at the step level.
  • Read more about visual work instructions by navigating to Q2S Guided Visual Manufacturing.

Machine Interfaces

  • Automate the workflow for machinery by creating interface files for a schedule or production batch to be input automatically into the machine’s controls.
  • Current interfaces are available for cutting machinery, CNC machinery, welders, and more
  • Ask us about developing custom interfaces for your machinery.