Q2S ERP Business Intelligence

What do you want to know, where do you want it and who do you want to see it?

Included in the Q2S product suite, Business Intelligence makes available the information your teams need for educated decisions, with access from any standard web browser. Q2S comes with reports from sales to service to purchasing to production to quality to shipping.

With BI, people in your organization can review margins, quote conversion ratios, analyze throughput and see order, purchasing and open product status and more. Instant status information for daily production provides a comprehensive view of what’s happening in your plant. This enables management to be proactive and minimize potential bottlenecks, among other steps.

You can customize reports and add new ones. Based on Microsoft® RDL technology, Q2S is directly integrated into the Microsoft® SQL Server database of the user’s main system. And access is configurable. It can be available to all users or restricted overall or by report using Microsoft or Q2S permissions.