Q2S CORE:  The ERP for Mass Customization and Complex Products

Q2S CORE, FeneTech’s overall ERP solution for mass customization and complex products manufacturers, is an integrated production control software solution. It enables you to schedule, optimize, execute, and track in detail and real-time your process, from estimate and order entry to shipping and delivery.

Q2S CORE can also interface to your existing business systems such as order entry, invoicing, and purchasing or operate as a stand-alone package.

Q2S CORE features

Q2S CORE features a comprehensive order entry structure including quoting, costing, invoicing and a fully automated pricing tool based upon flexible user-defined rules such as price lists, discounts, option pricing, or cost-up pricing methods.

  • Dynamic generation of BOMs at order entry based on any selected option
  • Production scheduling tools
  • Capacity planning
  • Comprehensive purchasing system
  • Production reports and product labels
  • Web-based business intelligence reporting
  • Integrated inventory control

Q2S CORE:  Full graphical interface, real-time business intelligence

Q2S CORE operates on a fully graphical user interface running on a single database. This means, for example, that you and your employees can see what you are making at each workstation.

Real-time information and reporting via Q2S Business Intelligence (BI). You can view order status, sales history, production status and more. Reports can be accessed from any web browser.

Q2S CORE software provides

  • Complete control and visibility of your production from the minute the order is entered until the ordered item is shipped.
  • Flexible production scheduling that considers machine capacities and unexpected production problems.
  • Reduction of your work in progress.
  • Instantaneous status of daily production allowing management to be proactive and minimize bottlenecks.
  • Graphical visual feedback at each work cell to production workers, permitting units to be assembled consistently with less rework.
  • Graphical visual feedback dramatically reduces employee training and familiarization time and any dependence on remembering assembly rules.
  • Rejected unit status at any manufacturing cell is known immediately and can be submitted for remake.
  • Barcoding of units and transport carts to minimize lost production and increase the utilization of plant assets.
  • Seamless integration with your proven business systems.