Q2S ERP Modules

Q2S is designed as a series of modules that work together to provide the most comprehensive ERP system for the manufacturing industry. Regardless of what your company manufactures, Q2S ERP software is the solution that has proven time and again to make the greatest impact on your production.



Q2S WEB is a completely integrated addition to Q2S CORE that allows user-friendly web order entry opportunities for dealers and customers. Additionally, Q2S WEB users enjoy a full complement of customer information tools, such as order status, order history, and delivery status. No additional configuration is required and users can assess the module from a password protected link on an existing website.

 Q2S Tracking

The Q2S Tracking module can be added to Q2S CORE to provide production location information for plant management and direct labor. The application consists of two unique tracking methods that can be located in key production areas throughout your manufacturing facility. These production areas, or stations, collect intermediate production status information and visually display key production information to those in direct labor.

This collection of production information allows the Q2S Business Intelligence module to provide real time production data to both plant management and customers. Furthermore, Q2S Tracking triggers reprocessing in the cases of rejects or defects in manufactured products.

Q2S Trucking

How do you expedite the shipping of manufactured goods?  Q2S Trucking, designed for make-to-order manufacturing, lets you to configure shipping routes, load trucks, and print shipping paperwork. Additionally, Q2S Trucking allows you to reject damaged items before loading them onto the truck and delivering them to the customer, thus reducing time spent returning and reprocessing goods.

Q2S Trucking was developed in conjunction with Q2S Tracking—both modules are ancillary components of Q2S CORE.

Q2S Mobile Delivery

Q2S Mobile Delivery is an iPad application providing the user the ability to display the trucking manifest on an iPad after delivery has been scheduled via Q2S Route Builder. A supplementary application to Q2S Tracking, Q2S Delivery works independently from the user’s network and is based on a 3G and 4G network technology, thus expediting the entire delivery process for both the user and the customer (iPads must be purchased separately).


Q2S Return Merchandise Authorization, or RMA,  is a module designed to process customers’ return requests.  Users entering RMA requests select the work flow through which the request will follow—the options include actions that define what happens to the merchandise upon return and ensures that the merchandise is expeditiously handled.  RMA requests are associated with the Q2S Mobile Delivery application so that drivers are informed of the need for pickup.

Q2S Capacity Planning

The Q2S Capacity Planning module is used to help plan orders based on department restrictions and current order volume. Users can easily see which departments are overloaded and move work to a different day or machine.  This data is accessible through order entry, scheduler, and the CORE production tab. Users can assign ordered parts and parts in the bill of material to consume capacity from a work cell base on a scripted attribute value. These attributes define the rules for triggering capacity at a work center.



Optimization of each of your raw materials is your top priority.  Q2S OPTI can make that happen. OPTI offers two-dimensional optimization for both fixed sheets and continuous rolls of material.  Q2S OPTI operates as a tightly integrated member of the Q2S CORE software.

Q2S Lineal Optimizer

Q2S Lineal Optimizer enables you to balance labor and material costs, group common parts, evaluate the splitting of parts to maximize yields, and provide easier setup of your bill of materials. Q2S Lineal Optimizer allows for total customization of profiles so you can set parameters for individual units and costs.


Q2S CAD Designer

The Q2S CAD Designer is a completely integrated multi-user CAD system. Q2S CAD allows users to add drillings, cut-outs, rounded corners and edgework to shapes in order to create technical multi-layer DXF files that include detailed and dimensional drawings for the final customer and for production. Drill holes, cut-outs and internal contours can be freely defined and added into the library.

The system allows for any type of edge processing on material, such as flat polish, pencil polish, bullnose, miters, bevels and more. These can be applied around all the edges of the objects or individually to one or more edges of the object with the benefit of adding more edge processes at any time.

The selection of edge processing, drill holes and cut-outs automatically drives the Q2S pricing calculation fully automatically by mapping of option codes to the selected processes.

And that isn’t all: The Q2S CAD designer offers multi-layer technology, allowing users to separate drawings based on components of a main product.


Q2S Accounting Interface

Q2S Accounting Interface is an additional module to Q2S CORE that provides accounting solutions that support the manufacturing side of your business.

Q2S Accounting Interfaces provide information to a standard manufacturing accounting system. A variety of accounting packages are supported that will, in addition to the manufacturing piece, round out the solutions your company requires in order to make the most of your entire operation.