Q2S is a comprehensive manufacturing ERP system for mass customization, make-to-order and complex product manufacturing. Its dynamic and configurable bill of materials enables you to readily and rapidly quote, make, and ship products with many possible variations. Here’s 11 benefits.


A dynamic BOM frees you from cumbersome SKU-focused and spreadsheet bill of materials. Instead, you set up parameters for what you can make and can then configure any product within those limits, no matter how many possibilities there might be.


With Q2S, you can integrate all the departments, processes and manufacturing equipment in your business, from estimating to accounting. This enables coordination and reduces errors.

No Limits

Because Q2S is flexible and configurable, you can take your business where you want it to go without being limited by software. You can price how you want. You can add capabilities when you need them, not before. You can continue to use your preferred accounting system as Q2S integrates with practically any financial software.

Manufacturing focus and experience

Many ERP systems were created from the front office down. Q2S was created by experienced manufacturing engineers from production up. We’re focused on being great where it matters—where you make what drives your business. And we’ve been doing it for more than two decades.

True Partnership with People

These days, some software companies do everything they can to not talk with you. We partner with you to ensure you get a solution that works for your business and on-site implementation support—along with knowledgeable support from real people 24/7 when you need it.

Training, Training, Training

Successfully implementing a MRP for mass customization or complex products is a significant step. We make available the training your people need to produce the benefits you want.

Visual and Easy to Use

With Q2S, you see what you are configuring, quoting and producing. Try to skip a manufacturing step or put a shipment on the wrong truck, and you get a sound and a stop sign. Visual manufacturing reduces errors and makes it easier to train employees.

See Your Business Flow

Here’s what you can track with Q2S: materials, production, labor, orders, sub-assemblies, shipments and what’s happening on your factory. With the built-in business intelligence, you can add practically any you want to the built-in. Measure what you want how you want.

Quality Control Built In

With the correct setup, you can only configure and estimate what your plant can make. Manufacturing and shipping missteps are flagged on the spot. And with Q2S Business Intelligence, you can track variations to know what to correct.

Add-on Capabilities

With Q2S, you can add additional capabilities as your needs grow. See the list of add-ons. And we can and do develop custom capabilities, so you are never stuck.

On-Premises and Secure

Worried about security? Q2S runs at your site, not over the internet.