What the Reducing Manufacturing Errors blog is about

Rework. Field replacements or fixes. Missed delivery dates. Production shutdowns.

Manufacturing errors can wipe out your profits for the year.

One study found the cost of errors in one of six production operations is four percent or more of sales. Even if the direct costs are less dramatic in your operations, the benefits of reducing manufacturing errors are significant, including higher quality, more on-time deliveries, happier customers and improved morale. 

Which is why more than 75 percent of manufacturers consider reducing production mistakes critical or important.

The causes? Human errors are number one. There are also system shortcomings, poor product design, equipment failures (sometimes from poor maintenance, raw materials issues or weather) and more.

What can you control and improve? That’s what we will be addressing in each instance of the Reducing Manufacturing Errors blog.

What do we know? We’ve been supporting manufacturing companies for more than two decades.

We will be sharing knowledge we’ve learned from the more than 250 manufacturing companies we’ve worked and continue to work with to reduce costly production errors.

We know that we don’t know everything. That’s why we’ll be talking to outside experts and asking for your opinions.

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