Simple CAD and Integration with Your ERP Workflow

Q2S features a completely integrated multi-user CAD designer. The Q2S CAD Designer offers the ability to add drillings, cut-outs, rounded corners, and edgework to shapes and rectangular flat products to create technical flat or multi-layer DXF files. These files will then include detailed and dimensioned drawings for the final customer and for production, in addition to CNC control (CNC interface sold separately).

Drill holes, cut-outs, internal contours, and other requirements can be freely defined and added to a flexible library. The system allows for any type of edge processing—flat polish, pencil polish, bullnose, miters, bevels, and more—to be applied to the material edges, either individually or around all edges. Additional edge processing can be added at any time.

This selection of edge processing, drill holes, and cut-outs automatically drives the Q2S price calculation by mapping option codes to the selected processes. In addition, the Q2S CAD Designer offers multi-layer technology which allows you to design separate drawings based on components of a main product with multiple drawings.