Q2S Customer Support

Our commitment to our customers is a key component of our philosophy.   To this end, our customer support remains unparalleled

Your partnership with Q2S begins the moment you become a customer. Support is available at every step: pre-implementation, during implementation and ongoing, including 24/7 access to experienced people who can help you keep things running.

Every Q2S customer is assigned to an applications team to support you through each step of the implementation process until you’re confident and comfortable with your software.


What is our definition of customer support?  It’s simple.  Once you’re up and running, our customer care team is ready to guide you through any additional projects you may require. And we realize that manufacturing doesn’t follow a typical 9-5 business schedule. That’s why our customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Unlike our competitors, we maintain a comprehensive support system that includes

  • Experts who know how our software interacts within your environment
  • Access to our management team
  • An online knowledge base
  • An open forum that allows you to communicate with other FeneTech customers worldwide

Sound too good to be true?

Just ask our existing clients about our customer support. They’ll be happy to share with you their positive experiences

Once you discover how we’ll be by your side in every phase of training, implementation and beyond, you’ll understand why existing customers remain steadfast in their continued praise of our software and services.